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    Kourtney - 13 Мая 2016 в 08:12: пожаловаться It is a shame the Mother of a killed American official can’t even get a good explanation as to how her son died. If she can’t get the info, then how is anybody else ever going to know? It is my unrsdetanding that our Ambassador requested extra security, but was denied, due to a lack of funding. The question was asked during the recent debate as to why they didn’t get more security, and who was it that denied it. Neither candidate answered it. They talked about other things they are going to do. Maybe one day we can some straight answers.
    Lele - 13 Мая 2016 в 07:50: пожаловаться men Suiqdlmtaa yasadigim ucun fexr edirem. Bu seheri delicesine sevirem. Sumqayit gozel liman seherciyi ola biler eger pul insanlarin gozunu tutmasa
    Lenna - 13 Мая 2016 в 07:02: пожаловаться That is utterly awesome about Modcloth selling your book! Not suriipsrng, but still awesome. And thanks for the shout-out, beautiful ... it's funny, you're like the fifth person to mention the accents, and I don't even HEAR them!
     TiMiD - 14 Ноября 2015 в 14:51: пожаловаться ГДЕ САЙТ? ГДЕ ФОТКИ?


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